Apartment in Cinque Terre Levanto

Given its location on the Mediterranean Sea, seafood is plentiful in the local cuisine. Anchovies (acciughe) of Monterosso are a local specialty. They can be served salted, marinated, stuffed or fried. The mountainsides of the Cinque Terre are heavily terraced and are used to cultivate grapes and olives. The simple and healthy dishes are prepared with extra virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables, herbs and parmesan cheese. Typical dishes are trofie al pesto (fresh pasta with basil sauce), pansotti (ravioli with ricotta and a mixture of greens, often served with salsa di noci, a walnut sauce), minestrone (vegetable soup), focaccia (flatbread with olive oil and salt), farinata (flatbread made from chickpea meal) and the speciality Gattafin, (fried pastry stuffed with herbs, onions, egg and parmesan cheese).


Having a cup of espresso standing at the bar is a daily Italian breakfast ritual. They have lunch and dinner late, lunch at the earliest about 1 pm and dinner in the evening not before 8.30 pm. Aperitivo is a pre-meal drink to stimulate the appetite served in the bars from 6 pm to 9 pm. The wine and drinks are served with olives, nuts and small pizzas.

An Italian meal in a restaurant includes antipasti (appetizer), primo piatto (pasta), secondo piatto (meat or fish dishes) and then i dolci (desserts or ice cream). And finally, the coffee (espresso) and maybe a glass of grappa (brandy).

Upon arrival, all our guests receive information about good restaurants in the neighbourhood.



The shops are usually open from 9am to 1pm and from 4 pm to 8pm.
Daily market in Levanto 8am to 1pm with fresh fruit, local vegetables, fish and olive oil.
Weekly market in Levanto: Wednesday mornings
Weekly market in Bonassola: Thursday mornings
Weekly market in Monterosso: Thursday mornings
Weekly market in Vernazza: Friday mornings


The wine Cinque Terre DOC is highly recognised around the world. It’s primarily a white wine and made from the grapes from the vineyards along the steep slopes. The wine can be purchased at the enoteca (local wineries) in each village. A local speciality is the Sciacchetrà; liquored wine with 18% of alcohol. It’s made from dried Bosco, Vermentino and Albarola grapes. The yearly production of this special wine is strictly limited. Limoncino is a delicious liquer made of lemons from Monterosso, served chillsafter the meals.