Apartment in Cinque Terre Levanto

The climate of the Cinque Terre is tempered, favoured by the mountains that shelter from the northern winds. The Mediterranean Sea mitigates the winter season with an average temperature of 12-14 degrees. In summer, the average temperature reaches 30 degrees. The climate is mild and warm, rains are generally of brief duration, but frequent in the autumn and spring. The typically Mediterranean vegetation is consisting in cluster-pine tree, aleppo pine, oak, sea fennel, red valerian, euphorbia, broom, arbutus and thyme.

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Best time to visit this part of Italy is from mid March to late October, but even in winter you will find tourists. For hiking we recommend you to visit the Cinque Terre in April, May, June, September or October. During the summer the weather is hot with little rainfall. If you are hiking in this period try to head out as early as possible to avoid the sweltering midday sun and the many tourists who arrive in the afternoon. When you visit the Cinque Terre during the summer months keep in mind that July and August is the peak tourist season and it is advisable to book accommodation in advance.

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